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Soccer Centre in Lawson

219 Primrose Drive


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Wednesdays 5:00-6:30pm 
Henk Ruys Soccer Centre in Lawson 

219 Primrose Drive, Saskatoon SK

Parents; Please note that there is a $2.00 admission fee for parents to stay
and watch the activities at the soccer centre.  No fee for players. 
Consider buying a Soccer Centre season pass in September

Mini Volleyball Program for 6-8 years olds Fee is $125.00 is an introduction to the sport of volleyball for the young.  It's a fun and creative program.    

Atomic Basic Program for 9-11 years olds  Fee $125.00  is an introduction to the sport of volleyball providing activities while learning the movement needed to play the sport. Co-ed participation.   

Triple Ball Program for 12-13 year olds  Fee $125.00  is the next progression in the development of a volleyball athlete.  This is a national program for youth aged 12-13 years old.

Mini, Atomic and Triple ball  is a comprehensive multi week program with adapted rules (smaller court, lower net, fewer players per side, softer volleyballs) to create an atmosphere of movement in conjunction with a ball in play overhead.

Mini, Atomic and Triple ball Volleyball stresses FUN, FAIRPLAY, and PARTICIPATION by increasing the number of ball contacts per player, creating longer and more successful rallies, and by developing proper skill delivery.

Mini, Atomic and Triple ball Volleyball program has been developed by Volleyball Canada in conjunction with the Canadian Sport for Life Programming (Long Term Athlete Development). Atomic provides programming for the LEARNING TO TRAIN STAGE which targets boys’ and girls’ ages 9 -12.

Atomic participants will learn the basics of volleyball: forearm and overhead passing, hitting, serving, basic team movement, and sportsmanship. Each session is 1.5 hours long; every session has a section focused on skills followed by modified game play.

Mini, Atomic and Triple ball program is teaching the sport to any age. The technical components of the skills are the same for any beginner to the sport. The practices are of different levels to accommodate any level of player. There are three levels of practice plans in each session to enable the instructor to keep all the players involved. The practice plans are progressive to make moving some players onto more challenging activities while others may continue working on the easier ones. Each session has activities designed for Novice, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

When a player reaches the Advanced level it would be suggested to move to playing Volley 4’s or considers joining a volleyball club program. 

Parent coaches:  Parents are encouraged to participate in their childs development. Come, join in on the courts. Parents with any coaching knowledge are welcome to provide assistance during the program. See the head coach at the start of the session.



 More detailed information about the Atomic Program