2017 DiGGiT Camp Fee

Everyone gets a couple of t-shirts, and healthy snacks at break time & lunch is provided. 

5 days of fun activities geared towards individual improvement in playing the sport of volleyball.  Come with a desire to improve and you will.

1st time attending gets a new camp ball to take home.  If you are a returning athlete, then bring your camp ball back from last year, put your name on the ball (with a felt pen) and bring it back to be used again during the camp this year, then collect your ball at the end of the week.  The camp requires lots of  balls to run effectively.

Optional Supper is offered for Day Commuters as supper is included with the Stay-overs.  It is offered for busy families.  Day Camp is done at 4:30 on (Mon, Tue, Wed) and kids come back at 6:45 for evening games.  Kids are hungry, so fwhy not feed them at camp, then come and enjoy watching the games from 7:00 to 8:30pm.

Keep in mind that we hane a open setters session from 5:30-6:30 on Monday and Tuesday for position specific training. 


Camp Fee Options

Day Commuter - 1st time attending                       $425.00
Day Commuter - returning with a camp ball            $400.00

Optional Supper for Day Commuters (Mon, Tue, Wed)    $30.00

Stay Over - first time attending                                  $555.00
Stay-Over - returning with a camp ball                        $530.00

Stay over is all inclusive for food including breakfast and suppers.

Accommodations will be at the soccer centre with cots provided: Girls in the upstairs lounge area and boys in the locker rooms on the main floor. Bring a sleeping bag and pillow, along with personal hygene things, PJ's. . .

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