August 13th to 17th, 2017

Sunday to Thursday


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Henk Ruys Soccer Centre

in Saskatoon, SK

Girls and Boys

ages 11-17

Day Commuter & Stayover Available

Over 12 courts of indoor volleyball
skill training and games

The camp is about overall volleyball skill training
and development along with Volleylicious food
provided throughout the camp

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Wednesday  August 9th

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                                 About the DiGGiT Summer Camp

The camps primary goal is overall volleyball skill development and improvement for every athlete.

The instruction will cover all aspects of the game including passing, serving, attacking, defence, bloacking, setting, some fun, some mental preperation and then some more fun.

You are totally immersed into volleyball skills training during the day and playing on a world league volleyball team in the evening.

The camp will give you the focused intense training essential to improvement, no matter what your current level of ability is. 

                  Come train how you want to play!

The camp is designed for both the entry level athlete as well as the high school or club athlete who has a desire to train and play at a higher level. 

Your performance as a volleyball athlete will improve
along with your self confidence!  Come and learn how to make better saves. 

Quality nutritional food is provided at all scheduled breaks and lunch time for all participants. Breakfast and supper is included with stayovers. 

Supper is offered as a option for Day Commuters (for Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday) to assist parents with busy schedules and hungry kids.  We have optional programs such as "setters sessions" held during the supper break.

The DiGGiT Summer Camp is for athletes who are serious about working to improve their skill and knowledge of how to play the sport better, while having some fun at summer camp.


Over 3000 kids have DuGGiT since '01