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Friday March 26th Update: 

We can confirm that the program is able to proceed with spreading out the kids to attend either on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 5:00 – 6:25pm.  I will try to be in contact with everyone (in the next couple of days) to select attending one of those three days.  Yes you can attend with your friends.  Please let me know their names when advising your selection. 

Please text me  306-261-5994 to advise me of your selection. 

We will be following all of the COVID protocol guidelines for sporting activity.  Everyone must wear a mask while at the facility including kids and coaches on the courts.  We will be dismissing the kids in a staggered pattern to minimize gatherings in the lobby.  Please do not gather and linger in the lobby.  Social distance is still the role at the facility.  


Contact by text: Leo van Dam at 306-261-5994
for questions about the program 

April 7th to May 26th, 2021

Fee is $155.00 for the 8 week program
On Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
from 5:00 to 6:20/6:25pm
Henk Ruys Soccer Center in Lawson
219 Primrose Drive, Saskatoon

We are Sask Volleyball Certified which follows Sask Sport’s Return to Play COVID-19 Protocols (see bottom of page for details)  

Parents are to submit a  COVID Waiver Form 


Each session runs about 1.5 hours long; every session has a section focused on skills followed by a progression into modified game play. 

For 6-8 years old’s:  Mini Volleyball (Court 6) this is an introduction to the sport of volleyball for the young.  It’s a fun and creative program. The program runs for about a one hour long, with the remainder of time used for eye-hand-ball coordination activities.

For 9-10 years old’s: Atomic Junior (Court 4) this is an introduction to the sport of volleyball providing activities while learning the movement needed to play the sport. Co-ed participation.

For 11-12-13 year old’s:  Triple Ball (Courts 1 and 3) this is the next progression in the development of a volleyball athlete.

For 14 year old’s.  (Courts 1 and 3) We will accommodate this age group within the Triple Ball program, until such time as we get enough for it’s own group.  

Volleyball Canada’s national development program is called “Elementary” and has been deemed to be the best method of training for this age group.

We follow best practices for these entry level programs.  Everyone has to begin to learn how to play the sport.  It’s exciting when you improve. 

It’s all about controlled training with a purpose within a game time environment.   Includes training with a certified coaches, along with some game play during the sessions.   Each session has a progression of skills development and modified game play.  Co-ed participation.

The technical components of the skills are the same for all beginners in the sport.   The practices are at different levels, to accommodate a variety of levels in the players.

There are three levels of practice plans in each session to enable the instructor to keep all the players involved. The practice plans are progressive to make moving some players onto more challenging activities while others may continue working on the easier ones. Each session has activities designed for Novice, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

When a player reaches the Advanced level, it is suggested they move onto a more competitive volleyball environment.  We encourage that.    Contact Leo for more information about that.

Parent as coaches:
Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s development.  Parents with volleyball knowledge are more than welcome to provide assistance during the sessions.    

Please contact Leo or ask inquire at your child’s court.  There are some specific requirements needed for all who are coaching children which is easy enough to do if you are interested to assist. 


City_of_Saskatoon_Logo.JPG                      Funding assistance for the facility rental is provided
                   by the City of Saskatoon Youth Sports Subsidy Program

Covid 19 Protocol (Subject to updates as outlined by Sask Sport)

· Participants are to fill out the COVID Waiver Form before attending the first session and then will be asked to attest that the information is still accurate when the program begins. Click here to fill out the form here:

    · Please stay home if you or your child or someone within your home bubble is not feeling well.  

   · Masks are required to by worn while attending at the Henk Ruys Soccer Centre facility.  Optional wearing is only for those who are participating on the playing field during their session. 

· One parent per participant to enter the building with the child.  Siblings are allowed but must stay within family group. Please proceed to the upstairs viewing area as soon as possible. Please don’t linger in the lobby.

· When parents are upstairs, please social distance. 

· Kids should come changed into their gym clothes whenever possible.  Washrooms are available if needed.

·      Kids are to go directly to their assigned courts after they enter the building. Court assignment will be emailed to you on the weekend before the program begins.   Court assignment and locations of each court is set for the duration of all the sessions. Mini Volleyball is on Court 6, Atomic on Court 4, Triple ball on Court 1 and Court 3.  

·        Everyone should stay physically distanced from each other.

·        Please instruct your child to not group together while at the facility and on the court.    

·        Participants cannot participate in multiple volleyball bubbles.  You may only participate with 1 certified program at a time.  Involvement with your school, and other sports is allowed but not two volleyball activities.  

·       Guidelines are set for the amount of participants for each training section.  Currently the middle court is not being used as it will create a barrier between two sections.